Dawn Services

Moving from the Abstract to the Concrete

Whether an established business, an entrepreneurial start-up, or at any stage of growth in between, it all starts with an idea. Shaping that idea into a product, or enhancing a product that already exists, are what Dawn is all about. Ideas and imagination have no boundaries. From inception to launch to established product or service, we are ready to work with our clients every step of the way.

So what does it take to make it happen? Sometimes it’s all about content; sometimes it’s finding the right partners or other assets and making the deal. Sometimes it’s identifying new technologies and new vendors. While our current specialty is developing innovative products and intuitive user interfaces for next generation media and mobile devices, we can’t be pigeon-holed. Dawn has the talents and skill sets to take almost any idea from inception to revenue generator. To be quite frank, we’ve done it all – and we’re ready to do it again and again.

Generating Forward Momentum | Implementation, Marketing, & Monetization
    “I've known Cris for several years and we've brainstormed about ideas in the digital media space. She is a pioneer and a very forward-thinking and creative strategist, but her recommendations and ideas have always been very realistic, grounded in a deep knowledge of consumer behavior, near-term return on investment analytics, and the nuts and bolts thinking that turns ideas into viable models.”
    — Greg Voynow, VP Content Business Development, Audible Inc.