Clients & Partners

Clients and Partners

Our team has worked with some of the world’s leading brands and smart start-ups including Comcast, Penguin, Canyon Ranch, Digital Chocolate, Lifetime, Best Buy, Universal Studios, Beliefnet, and Classic Media defining brand and business strategies in the areas of technology, distribution, and content, and building and distributing applications to online communities that enable brands to engage directly with consumers.

We have strong industry relationships and deep experience in mobile applications, video, brand building, virtual and augmented reality, digital and interactive media, and social games. Our work combines coaching and what we call clarity consulting with brand strategy, cross-media business integration, and partner development to help client companies reach audiences across mediums and maximize the reach, relationships, and value of their brands.

We have worked with a wide range of clients in the media, entertainment, consumer products, technology, and wellness industries to realize both small and large-scale projects across multiple platforms. We incubate, nurture, and develop projects for any size company – from small start-ups with big dreams to established brands. As an independent company, we value building long-term client relationships.

Dawn provides digital strategy and vision, digital brand extensions, monetization strategy, partner identification, production, project implementation, product launch, and marketing geared to today’s interactive and social landscape. Our team has worked on multi-platform programs with lifestyle companies, mobile carriers, television networks, sports leagues, gaming companies, blue chip brands, and traditional print publishers. If you intend to excel in the digital world, Dawn can help you.

You can view some of the videos we’ve produced via this link

Click here for a case study of the iPad apps we produced for Canyon Ranch.

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A Sampling of Our Clients & Partners

“Cris is someone that sees beyond where the market is in order to find opportunity that rings true. She helps to formulate a path to achieve the potential of your brand or product and is focused on attaining that achievement. She is direct and to the point and will tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. She does not waste time with products where she does not see a future, making Cris' involvement, attention and advice valuable. Lastly, I am hard-pressed to find a person in this industry that does not know Cris. Her reputation, passion and know-how precede her in every corner of media, whether it is TV, Music, Books or, of course, Online.”
— Lazaro Fuentes, CEO , Hip Venture Company, Inc.