06:26 In a fun way SmarterEveryDay explains the how and why, and includes some real stunt-cat dropping photographed with a high-speed camera. Archival footage of Cats in zero G trying to right themselves is very cool, and demonstrates the physics behind the phenomenon. As far as I can tell, no cats were harmed in the making of this video – though they seemed, at the very least, displeased.

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2 Responses to “Why do falling cats (usually) land on their feet? See the answer via slow motion physics.”

  1. CrisPopenoe Says:

    Why do falling cats (usually) land on their feet? See answer in slow motion physics [VIDEO] http://t.co/vrCc82sJJb http://t.co/qlRAFa4qPY

  2. katiouch Says:

    80% of cats are killed or seriously injured in a veterinary clinic because of these stupidities. Cats do not always fall on their feet, remove this video please! And cats are not objects…