Dawn Services

Implementation, Marketing, & Monetization

Let’s face it. What distinguishes successful brands is the emotional connection they build with their customers. We work with our clients to imagine and then implement the breakthrough ideas and strategies it takes to become relevant to a consumer and in turn, inspire that consumer to tell five others. And then those five will tell five more.

Our solutions are grounded in a ‘roll up your sleeves’ approach, hands on experience in launching or re-launching new products and services to consumers, in depth market knowledge, and innovative thinking. And we don’t just leave it at strategy; we stay right beside you through the tactical implementation, often doing the heavy lifting ourselves.

Are you seeking smart, effective online, mobile, event, social, viral or guerilla marketing? Or a combination of all of these? Dawn’s resources will make it happen. We are serial entrepreneurs and e-commerce and merchandising veterans, not strategists working from 50,000 feet up. We are grounded in intelligent marketing, while also being attuned to the digital age. Think video and app monetization through sponsorships, e-commerce, ad sales, and partnerships. Or consider cool, engaging 360 degree social media campaigns for audience development. These are only the beginning.

Generating Forward Momentum | Moving from the Abstract to the Concrete

Moving from the Abstract to the Concrete

    “Cris and I have worked together off and on for nearly 20 years now, and have become regular sushi partners over the last several years; in this time I can honestly say that I’ve never known anyone who brought as much insight, energy, and volume of resources to any media challenge we have faced as Cris does. She is always on top of new technologies and trends, and has been invaluable to us at Penguin on numerous occasions. I highly recommend Cris to anyone who is looking for executive-level guidance and direction in today’s media space.”
    — Doug Whiteman, EVP Business Operations, Penguin Group