About Dawn

About Dawn

We help brands and media companies develop strategies to take better advantage of the Web and mobile to reach and engage bigger audiences and new revenue sources. We also excel at business development and partner development. We have deep expertise in mobile strategy and experiential marketing, and with producing apps and strategies that help brands live on mobile devices and websites. Click here for a case study on the Canyon Ranch iPad apps we produced. Most recently we’ve been doing work in virtual and augmented reality.

We provide everything from coaching to initial brainstorming and strategy, custom development, video production, publishing and syndication, and managing and enhancing entire online, social, and mobile presences. Click here to view some of our videos.

Strategy development – We help you form a cohesive vision and lay out the blueprints to execute it

Storytelling and experience design – We don’t build apps or websites, we craft stories and interactive experiences through innovation and participation

Product positioning – We’ll help define your product and find its audience

Marketing and monetization – We’ll guide you on ways to be heard in a crowded mobile and online ecosystem through social listening, conversation, and active engagement

The dawn that comes before sunrise is a time of great potential. Our name reflects the optimistic, creative spirit behind the process we use to realize our clients’ goals. We know that each situation holds unique promise, and we work to ensure each of our clients achieves their singular vision.

Dawn creates new paths and opportunities for our clients. We do it by imagining fresh possibilities, forging new connections, and guiding smart decisions. We work hard, think differently, and believe in celebrating good people and good ideas.

Our goal is to always explore deeply and fully, with an adventurous spirit, the potential to create change and lasting value for our clients and partners while finding ways to use social media to create real community and do good.

Over the years we’ve worked with companies large and small, from innovative start-ups to media powerhouses. We’ve done CEO and team mentoring and coaching as well as hands-on tactical work. Every job has been different. Employing out-of-the-box brainstorms, disruptive innovation, and a network of talented friends and associates in all areas of digital media, we’ve pushed our clients to become leaders in their fields.

About Cris Popenoe | Clients & Partners

A Sampling of our Clients & Partners

“Cris is totally entrepreneurial, always looking for new ways to tackle old problems. A hard-driving veteran of traditional media as well as a cutting edge pioneer of new media, Cris commits herself to using all the communications channels at her disposal to come up with winning strategies for her clients. One smart cookie.”
— Andy Nibley, Chairman and CEO, Marsteller, Burson-Marsteller