01:45 Chama is a cat and U-chan is a budgie. And they are best friends. So waking the cat up is all in a day’s play for the bird. Watch and see.

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13 Responses to “Bird wakes his best friend…a cat!”

  1. Misanthropope Says:

    i’m perplexed.  it looks completely white, but no red eyes, and certainly presents like a boy budgie.  is it an albino or isn’t it?

  2. Madison Kaye Saxton Says:

    That would be a no, it s not.

  3. Josh Says:

    This cat is doing it wrong….

  4. Sage Says:

    This is just liberal media crap! It’s a lie and I hate it! I have never before seen a cat play with a bird, THAT’S JUST TOO FAR. IMPEACH OBAMA

  5. Puffy Says:

    OMG.  It’s just a cute video.  There are plenty of precedents for cats and birds playing together.  I don’t know how safe it is, but it happens.   Very patient kitty and I enjoyed watching it.  

  6. Ladyblue1337 Says:

    the cat must have grown up with the little bird…

  7. SarahE Says:

    That doesn’t even make any sense. Of course it’s real!

  8. susie Says:

    get with the program !!  something so cute..and you have to ruin it with something that makes no sense what so ever !!  DUH !

  9. Sm_jc54 Says:

    What an annoying motherfucking bird. If I were that cat, I would have aten him.

  10. Chingo Says:

    And my name is Chingomamalamaguchi, and stop stealing names from my family members and giving them to your stupid pets. Give them normal names instead.

  11. Caffecita25 Says:

    that cat is me and the bird is my alarm clock lol too cute love it :)

  12. Caffecita25 Says:


  13. Ama Rama Says:

     I was thinking the exact same thing.