05:49 A small band of organic vegetable puppets battle the bad guys in this hilarious Star Wars spoof. Cuke Skywalker, Ham Solo, Chewbroccoli, and wise old Obi Wan Cannoli battle Darth Tader, evil lord of the Dark Side of The Farm. Can these Organic Rebels rescue Princess Lettuce and destroy the Death Melon in time? Or will Cuke be seduced by the Dark Side of the Farm, an empire of pollution and pesticides that has taken over the market with its arsenal of genetic engineering, irradiation and toxic chemicals?

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One Response to “Grocery Store Wars – organic veggie puppets battle the bad guys”

  1. CrisPopenoe Says:

    [VIDEO] Grocery Store Wars – organic veggie puppets vs bad guys http://t.co/bDNFAR6uxr http://t.co/FRTIYtCwX3