07:04 This is a perfect reminder as to why we love and are so fascinated by the land of the Rising Sun. The film captures Scott Gold and his wife’s travels to Japan in January, set to the beautiful soundtrack of Tony Anderson’s ‘Daughters’. They travelled around Tokyo, Kyoto, and Yudanaka. You’ll spot snippets from Tsukiji Fish Market, Gion District, Shibuya Crossing, Shinkansen Bullet trains, Yudanaka Outdoor Onsen, and the famous Jigokudani Snow Monkeys.


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One Response to “January in Japan – beautiful, almost meditative visual vignettes”

  1. ChristineShirin Says:

    January in Japan – beautiful, almost meditative visual vignettes via Dawn Productions – 07:04 … http://t.co/oUL1hSHpiI