04:15┬áCoca-Cola’s famous polar bears are skewered – as is the whole soft-drink industry – in a clever and cute animated anti-sugary-drink satire set to a bouncy song. The video’s goal is to show the ill effects of drinking too many sugary beverages. The papa bear not only suffers from erectile dysfunction, but also contracts Type 2 diabetes, which forces him to have a “grizzly” leg amputation. The video ends with the polar bear family pouring their cola into the ocean.

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2 Responses to “The Real Bears – Coke polar bears skewered in a biting satire”

  1. CrisPopenoe Says:

    The Real Bears: Coke polar bears skewered in biting satire [VIDEO] http://t.co/mF6POvCX http://t.co/4gbGkvpK

  2. Vermina Supremo Says:

    What the hell? Bouncy song? I was thinking this was going to be upbeat. Also the word “satire” gave me the impression this was going to have something of a sense of humor.